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doug stephens



Mr. Stephens began his training under Master McLain in 2005. He earned his 3rd degree black belt in October 2016. Like other black belts in Chayon-Ryu, Mr. Stephens tested at the HQ location and was graded by Grandmaster Kim Soo, founder of Chayon-Ryu.

Mr. Stephens serves as the primary instructor during the weekday classes and is the primary contact for prospective students.

Tom Schamp started his martial arts training in Myo Sim karate while in college in Virginia, earning a first degree black belt in 2006, after which he and his family immediately moved to Austin.  In Austin, Tom continued his martial arts training as a beginning white belt in Chayon-Ryu under 8th dan Master Geary and her senior students, Masters Rotche and Segura.  Tom was promoted to 3rd degree black belt in August 2016 at the Chayon-Ryu world headquarters in Houston.

Since moving to the DFW area in 2013, Mr. Schamp has has continued training under Master Kim Geary and also trains under Master McLain and with Mr. Stephens. while serving as an assistant and substitute instructor.

robert mclain



Master McLain co-founded the Arlington location in 1994. Since that time he has continuously maintained the Arlington school in addition to instructing in various locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

He taught as adjunct faculty at UT-Arlington(1999-2001) - directing and instructing the EXSA1246 Self-defense for women program. This classes gained popularity to be filled at 200 students/semester with over 150 requesting enrollment after the classes were filled. Mr. McLain was nominated for the Provosts' Teaching Award and was awarded the 'Campus Kahuna' award from Student Congress for his work to help keep students safe on campus.

Mr. McLain has served as a correspondent for Black Belt Magazine since 2001, appointed as special contributor and photographer for Taekwondo Times Magazine since 2006, and written articles for Totally Taekwondo Magazine since 2010. He serves as Secretary General for the International Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association.

Mr. McLain trains daily and leads the Saturday class in Arlington and a study group in Las Colinas.